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We assemble all ATI products in our 50,000-square-foot Southern California factory. Everything is built 100 percent to our specifications, and we monitor every aspect of the quality-control process ourselves.


Amplifier Technologies’ most versatile series is the Class AB Series. Simple and straightforward in design, ATI Class AB offers three power output levels across models for 2 to 8 channels per chassis. AT1600 Series amps drive 160 watts per channel and offer tremendous value, performance and reliability. For larger systems, AT2200 Series amps with 220 watts per channel and the AT3300 Series amps with 330 watts per channel deliver dynamic and thrilling audio experiences. Ensuring a lifetime of reliable and consistent sonic performance, the AT2200 and AT3300 series amps also feature a proprietary microprocessor designed to maintain a constant, stable bias of the audio circuit. Under long-term and high demand listening sessions, AT2200 and AT3300 amps will sound as they were originally intended thanks to the ATI Class AB Microprocessor.


✅ Current Feedback Balanced Class AB topology
✅ Temperature Sensor-Controlled Bias
✅ Temperature Sensor-Controlled Fan Cooling
✅ Dual DC Servos

  • 330W per channel
  • 12 output devices per channel
  • 5RU 8.75” rack mount, 9.75” standard height