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The Best Sound at the 2015 CES!
Scott Wilkinson, Editor of the AVS Forum, visited our CES demo suite and came away impressed -Click here for the video -

Home Theater Review--ATI's AT6002 Signature Amplifier Earns 5 Stars
Plus Best of 2014 Award

Jerry Del Colliano reviews ATI's Signature Series AT6002, a two-channel, 300-watt Class AB amplifier that carries an MSRP of $3,995. To say that he came away impressed would be a huge understatement. -

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - ATI AT6002
Plus Best of 2014 Award

Chris Heinonen and Dr. David Rich reviewed our new Signature Series stereo amplifier. Here are their highlights:

Innovative amp that offers incredibly high performance... High-end build quality.
…feels and sounds like a statement product... Incredible beast.
The AT6002 has the largest dynamic range of any amplifier I have ever heard. I could place my ear next to the tweeter of the Revel f208 and hear nothing when the system was idle. Not even a slight hiss. No amplifier has been this quiet in my system.
Compared to my reference amplifier, the ATI AT6002 removed a layer of granularity.
I could not make the amplifier lose its cool.
The 128.7dB SNR at 300 Watts has a bit equivalent of 21 bits, which is better than any DAC now on the market.
No power supply hum spurs are seen above -135dB, a remarkable result for a power amp at full power.
The ATI AT6002 …is a giant in the world of power amplifiers… (need) never be replaced.

Sound and Vision, October, 2014 - ATI AT6005
Plus Top Pick of the Year Award, 2014

ATI's Beastly AT6005 Amp, 116 Pounds of Pure Listening Pleasure by David Vaughn
If I were in the market for a new amp, the ATI would be at the top of my list, due to is low noise and seemingly endless power output. Highly recommended. -

Home Entertainment & Design Magazine Review - ATI AT3000
The 200-MPH Amplifier by Brent Butterworth
With 2,100 watts of power and an elite circuit design, ATI's AT3000 is the audio equivalent of an extreme sports car.. Any product can be refined; the question is, do the refinements substantially improve the product? In some cases—increasing a car’s horsepower, for example—the answer is usually “yes.” In others—such as substituting filet mignon for cubed chuck in a pot of chili—the answer is, unequivocally, “no.” With audio amplifiers, however, the answers are seldom so cut-and-dried. -
More -

The Audio Critic - AT6012 Amp
12-Channel 6-Zone Power Amplifier
The AT6012 is divided into six two-channel modules, each of which can be assigned to a different “zone” and independently gain-controlled via a special three-wire connection, six in all. I was not interested in this feature, since I was powering 12 drivers simultaneously through 12 channels at full gain. Each module is fully protected by a special circuit against overloads and shorts, automatically resetting itself when the excessive input or the short is removed. As for the 12 output terminals, they are spaced for dual banana plugs, thank goodness, unlike those crazy European speaker terminals. That alone is worth the price of admission to users of elaborate wire harnesses. - More -

Watt Magazine (Norway) - AT3005
The Power Plant by Jørn Finnerud
Whether we are talking about Hi-Fi or home cinema there comes the need for more power and more power. A good amplifier can transform the experience from the mundane to something quite splendid. An amplifier is just as essential in home theater as the engine in a car. Although current home theater receivers promise more watts than ever, it is still true that a dedicated amplifier is better. -More -

Home Theater Magazine Review - ATP8500 Pre/Pro - AT2007
ATI ATP8500 Pre/Pro and AT2007 Amplifier: High-end tricks at a mid-fi price by Chris Lewis
Why is it so much harder to sell the concept of value to people as they cross over into the higher end of the A/V realm? In the lower price ranges, people don’t only appreciate value, they actively seek it out. Down there, people whole-heartedly buy into the idea that you can often find equivalent performance, features, etc., for less. But, as price tags get bigger, some people’s rationality seems to fade. - More -

Audio Visual Science Forum
ATI's "True Balance" Differential Design Architecture

"Getting back more specifically to amps, I really need amplifiers that can do certain things for me, and the ATIs have all that, plus more. I want to go full balanced instead of single ended, and ATI handles that, plus the "true balance" differential design architecture of the amp really fits the bill for me. I want lots or headroom, and with three 200W channels per amp being fed off two gigantic toroidal transformers, there's no bottom to this well--or at least I can't find it.

About that 200W/channel--it's not really true. Are they liars? Well, no, my actual measurements find them to be running about 210-220+W/channel, all channels driven from full range 20Hz to 20kHz noise. So it's not your typical, lame 200W/channel with one channel driven only at 1kHz.

A nice surprise is the soft start circuitry. I have a single 20 Amp circuit dedicated to this system, and with the amps connected via DC triggers to the pre, a push of the on button brings the whole system up in an orderly fashion, without pops, thumps, thrown breakers, or house wide brown outs. I can take the Niles IPC6 sequencer right out of the system.

All in all, I got everything I needed in an excellent pair of amps at a great price, made locally in CA, USA. Plus, I didn't pay extra for what I didn't need: fancy billet Aluminum front, big prestige brand name, expensive marketing campaign, and huge overhead. Instead, when looking at them up close, I can see the quality construction, the attention to detail, the careful engineering, and the thoughtful, useful feature set.

These are well worth the $$$$."

Audio Visual Science Forum
Penngray, an AVS member with over 25,000 posts

"FWIW, I own $4000 amps and I own $500 amps… My ATI amp is the best value amp I have found out there. It has the lowest noise floor… I simply love them with my higher sensitivity horn designs. It’s the first amp in 5 years that had me saying that subjective, WOW!!"

Steve W - Customer
Just a quick message to tell you how much I enjoy the AT1202 solid-state amplifier. Absolutely pleased! Please tell your engineers, line staff& assemblers, and marketing staff that you have astellar product.

The power of your amplifier...is pure heaven. The AT1202 is everything you promote and more - exceedingly quiet with expansive sound. I'm glad most people don't know who you are because (then) it would get real crowded. Keep making excellent audiophile equipment using American workers.